Here are some questions Liz is often asked. We hope you find this helpful.

1. What makes Liz Fletcher Brown unique?
Liz has a memorable and engaging presentation style. Her use of dance as a dramatic teaching metaphor, combined with her powerful stage presence developed over a lifetime of being a performance artist, makes the delivery of her high-content message really stand out.

2.Why should I hire Liz Fletcher Brown?
First of all, experience.
Liz has been helping her clients enhance the quality of their lives since 1989. During that time she has helped thousands of people live with more purpose, more confidence, more focus, and have a more positive outlook on life.

Participants love her. Liz consistently receives excellent scores from participants on session feedback forms. Here are some participant testimonials.

Liz is a joy to work with. Liz knows what it’s like to work with prima donnas (literally) and she isn’t one. Enough said!

Liz is flexible. Yes, she can kick her leg up to her nose, but that is not what we mean. She wants to meet your needs as much as possible and can adapt and adjust when circumstances call for it. Just don’t ask her to tap dance in pointe shoes.

And finally, longevity. Liz has worked with some clients for a number of consecutive years, and they keep asking her back.

3. What audiovisual equipment does Liz need?
You can find Liz’s AV needs here, along with other information for event planners.

4. Does Liz work with bureaus or agents?
Liz is happy to partner with bureaus and agents. Further, she will do her part to promote the bureau or agent to the client and try to get additional spin off business.

5. Does Liz ever waive her fee?
Yes. Liz waives her fee for several, select programs each year. If her calendar is full for the current year, you may apply for next year. These programs can be for businesses, corporations, or non-profits. Since her business is “for profit”, she can only do a limited number each year.

Liz works just as hard on these programs and therefore insists that they are handled just as a paid presentation would be handled.

In order for Liz to agree to waive her fee, certain restrictions apply. Contact us  or call directly and we can discuss your situation. If the program is out of town, expenses must be included.

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