Empowering Emerging Leaders
to Create More Balanced Lives.

Liz Fletcher Brown blends hard science and soft skills to help emerging leaders thrive and bring their whole selves to work.

By developing work life integration, Liz helps leaders increase

innovation,creativity and productivity and lead with

Full Wattage – Energized, Enthused, Engaged.

In these interactive programs, Liz blends cutting edge neuroscience and psychology with practical tools, humor, and thought-provoking insights to help emerging leaders thrive.

Liz will support you and your team to Get Connected to what matter most, Embrace Change, Be Focused, Manage Energy and Ignite Your Brilliance for peak performance.

and Resources

Our Full Wattage tools and resources will inspire you and your team to continue the journey towards a more balanced, meaningful life at work and at home.

Liz’s energy is infectious and her messages are on point. She helped me reconnect with what’s meaningful to me both personally and professionally, and I left the session with concrete approaches to help keep me on track. Since the session, I feel a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction in my life. In addition, our group felt she was one of the best speakers we’ve ever had.

Regina Tosca, Association of Healthcare Social Workers


What if there were powerful tools that could fully support you in living a more balanced and purposeful life, both at work and at home?

Download The Ultimate “Full Wattage Living” Tools and Resources eCourse now.

You will also get ongoing tips to support you in igniting your brilliance, and increasing creativity, productivity, and focused decision-making.

Forget Work Life Balance!

That very concept assumes that your work and your life are two separate entities and that you somehow must juggle them both. The true secret to fulfillment is work life integration. When your work and your life are integrated, it’s easier to keep your balance, no matter how many challenges you have to face.

Increased work life integration also results in greater personal responsibility, job satisfaction…. and happiness.

On average, happier employees…

  • Produce 37% more sales.
  • Are 7 times more engaged.
  • Are 3 times more creative.
  • Take 10 times fewer sick days.
  • Are 87% less likely to leave.
  • And are 58% more likely to go out of the way to help their colleagues.

All of Liz’s dynamic programs support increased work life integration.

I can’t sing Liz’s praises enough. She is a very engaging and energized storyteller, using stories to exemplify methods for relieving stress and adding balance back into your life. She weaves the underlying science into the presentation which gives the audience insights into the why of behaviors that may be working against us, all while making it interactive and fun. I left with ideas and tips that I could share with team members for stimulating positive momentum and personally rebalance.

Marcia Herrera, SPHR, Independent HR Consultant


Full Wattage All The Way!

Liz brings to all of her work an infectious enthusiasm, as she skillfully blends the art of performance (from her career as a professional dancer) with practical tools to enhance participants’ working and personal lives. She combines cutting edge neuroscience with ancient wisdom, and wraps it all up with her unique Scottish storytelling brogue.

Feature Spread in SPEAKER Magazine

The official magazine of the National Speakers Association.

With the busy lives of our hotel leadership teams, we need to help them balance the need to drive the business forward and the need to take care of one’s self.  Liz’s Full Wattage approach really made it easy to blend these two components together, and mitigate some of the negative effects that change and uncertainty can bring.
She really activated our team…. and allowed them see more potential in themselves.

Shaun Smithson, Vice President of Operations, B.F. Saul Company Hospitality Group


Liz’s Award-Winning Book, Full Wattage!

Full Wattage is filled with practical tools and valuable insights to help you:

  • Tap into your personal power and brilliance.
  • Discover what makes you come alive, what you love and do best, and what matters most.
  • Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.
  • Infuse all areas of your life with greater purpose and passion.
  • Deal with saboteurs that get in the way.

“Liz has written a book that helps us all dance through the challenges and difficulties of life and come out looking like the best dancer in the room. This book will uplift and inspire you to higher heights and give you tips and strategies to succeed even in the midst of tough times!”

-Dr. Willie Jolley, Hall of Fame Speaker and Best Selling Author of A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback and An Attitude of Excellence!

Are You Ready to Ignite Your Brilliance?

Join Liz’s 12-week virtual workshop that will help you…

  • Feel more alive with meaning and purpose.
  • Do what you love and do best.
  • Be more focused, self assured and confident.
  • Get clear on what is truly important to you.
  • Renew, recharge, rejuvenate.

This online course is a perfect way to reinforce the messages of Liz’s programs. Contact us for bulk pricing.

What Participants Have To Say About This Online Program

Full Wattage Living is filled with great tools that have helped me identify my priorities as well as deal with obstacles to reaching my goals. Most importantly, it has helped me see where I need to put my focus. I would recommend this program to anyone who is seeking direction or who feels dissatisfied.

Sonia Feldman

Digging deep and discarding armor and old habits can be tough, but working with Liz is truly fun, safe, non-confrontational, not stressful, personal, and deep. The course has innumerable tools, techniques, methods, processes that have become a part of my daily life, and have helped me discover great things and beauty in myself and others.

Cynthia Palmer Ph.D.

Your program has helped to guide me through a difficult time, to a path of healing & self knowledge. Listening to you is always uplifting, inspiring, and joyous. You have helped me to get clear on my life goal and pave my road to more positive health. Thank you Liz!

Carolyn Bruna

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