Utilizing the untapped potential of employees is essential in order to stay relevant and effective in today’s business world. To remain competitive it is essential to nurture and develop your workforce and bring out their best selves. When your leaders and emerging leaders experience greater work life integration, they will be more decisive, innovative, attentive, creative and productive.
Liz will help your emerging leaders bring out the highest levels of performance in themselves and their teams.
Each client has difference organizational needs and therefore all organizational coaching and consulting programs are customized.
To find out if coaching or consulting would be a good next step for your organization, contact us or call directly 410-798-5745.


Liz offers a variety of coaching and consulting formats for individuals depending on your needs.
Private Coaching /Consulting
Are you ready to fully express and manifest your Core Brilliance in your personal and professional life? Do you want to feel alive with a sense of passion and purpose? Is it your time to create a life and a career or business that fully honors all of who you truly are? Are you ready for more joy and enthusiasm? Feeling stuck and need help taking that leap? Then private coaching or consulting might be for you.
Private VIP Day: Your Life and Business Reinvention Retreat

For one full day you will have access to my heart and mind, as well as my extensive coaching toolkit. These retreats are not for everyone. They are for a select few who are ready to dive deep into creating a plan for their life and work that authentically expresses who they are, and why they are here.

Live Retreats

These retreats are for women who are ready to live with Full Wattage – dynamically alive, confidently courageous and enthusiastically engaged? There will be laughter, camaraderie, rejuvenation, and maybe even some dancing. Contact us for upcoming locations and dates.

Small (Virtual) Group Coaching and Online Programs

The Center for Full Wattage Living offers a variety of group and self-study online coaching programs, including Liz’s signature program Full Wattage Living: 4 Steps to Ignite Your Brilliance. Currently open for enrollment is Liz’s 30-Day virtual workshop, Know Your Purpose, Change Your Life.

Got a big presentation coming up? In addition to her regular coaching and consulting programs, Liz does offer presentation coaching live and via Skype or Zoom. For more info contact us or call 410-798-5745.