What does it mean to Live with Full Wattage? This video clip will tell you… (2.07 mins)

Get Bigger About Who You Are! (Opening Keynote for the Virgina Women’s Business Conference 7 mins)

Beware the Meter Man. To live with Full Wattage you must organize your life around the things that matter most. (6.25 mins)

How to Keep Your Balance When the Floor is Rocking! Stay calm and balanced in any storm life brings you. (6:09 mins)

The Secret to Living with Full Wattage… there are three things you must know and three things you must do. (5:41 mins)

Rewire Your Brain for Success. Your brain naturally has a bias towards negativity, but you can rewire it for success and improve your self image. (3:23 mins)

I was recently the guest of Omekongo Dibinga on Real Talk TV. We talked about my new book Full Wattage! and challenges facing today’s youth and their parents.

Many of the key concepts in the book were elaborated upon, especially the importance of clarifying your purpose in life, your strengths and natural talents, and the things that matter most.

We also talked about how to deal with the biggest saboteurs that stop us from manifesting our greatest potential.

It is a great interview, and I’m happy to share it with you now….

Work/Life Balance: How To Keep Your Balance When the Floor is Rocking! 3:30

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