Full Wattage Private VIP Day: Your Life and Business Reinvention Retreat

37632799Do you wake up each day knowing that you are living the life you were meant to live? Feeling your absolute best? Living life with Full Wattage?

Or are there parts of your life or business that you wish were different?

Not that your life sucks! 🙂 I know that lots of things are working for you, and in many ways you are already fabulously successful.

blueprint_edited-web-flippe-300x254BUT…. Do you ever get that nagging feeling that there has to be more?  That you are waiting in the wings of life, ready to step out and take center stage. And dance full out, holding nothing back.

I know that you are simply brilliant. That there are things for you to do, people for you to meet, lives that you will change.  And because you are here the world will never be the same.

I know that you have potent gifts that are uniquely yours to share, and there are people waiting to receive them.

Is now the time for you to create a life (and a business?) that fully embraces all of who you truly are?

Is now your time to step forth into your magnificence and live with Full Wattage – dynamically alive, confidently courageous and enthusiastically engaged?

If so it would be my honor to walk with you for a while on your journey, supporting you along the way.

What is a Full Wattage Private VIP Life and Business Reinvention Retreat?

For one full day you will have access to my heart and mind, as well as my extensive coaching toolkit. You can use this transformative day however you wish, but here is my suggestion:

contentFirst I will help you  clarify and identify your sense of purpose and your deepest values. This knowledge, sourcing from your own inner wisdom, will become a guiding force in all areas of your life, helping you to make key decisions with clarity and focus.

We will then work together (using specific tools and assessments) to support you in recognizing your natural strengths, talents and gifts.

Next, I will help you to envision the highest possibilities for key areas of your personal and professional life, and create action steps that will  keep you living fully aligned with your Core Brilliance.

Unlike traditional goal-setting processes, when you are working from your Core Brilliance, you will find that you are more naturally motivated to take the actions that you commit to.

And when doubt or other obstacles come up, which they invariably will (otherwise why would you need me) you will have an Successexperienced partner standing by your side, encouraging you to take the leap, get bigger about who you are, and make the changes you want to make.

You will leave with a clear action plan for the following 12 months.

These retreats are not for everyone. They are for a select few who are ready to dive deep into creating a plan for their life and work that authentically expresses who they are, and why they are here.

If you would like to know more about them, and see if one might be right for you, please call at (410) 798 5745 or email liz@lizfletcherbrown to schedule a chat.

A Full Wattage Private VIP Life and Business Reinvention Retreat includes the following:

Prior to the retreat:
1. A planning conversation by phone to clarify our intentions for the day.
2. A questionnaire to help guide us during our time together.
3. Either the Online Personal Style Indicator or the Online Entrepreneur Success and Style Indicator. These are extraordinary personal and professional development tools to help identify your natural style and preferences.
4. The Online Values Preferences Indicator. This is my favorite tool to help you to clarify the things that matter most to you.
5. I will review the above materials and anything else you think would be useful for me to see in preparation for our work together.

During the retreat:
1. You will have my undivided attention from 9am-4:30pm (we can flex the starting and ending time if need be).
2. A beautiful environment to work in. This will be in the Annapolis, Maryland area (easiest access airport is BWI if you are flying in).
3. A healthy lunch and snacks throughout the day.
4. All the tools we need to have a transformative day.
5. A signed copy of my award-winning book Full Wattage! A Practical Guide to an Engaging and Purposeful Live Worth Celebrating.

After the retreat:
1. I will email any resources from the day that I think would be useful for you.
2. You will have 2 follow-up sessions by Skype or phone.

So what is the cost?
Your investment for the retreat is $1800, 50% due at the time of booking, the remainder due prior to your scheduled retreat.

Liz Fletcher Brown Inspirational SpeakerIf you need more information or have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

In wild abunDANCE,