Did you know that your life purpose is much more of a journey than a destination? It’s more a state of being than a state of doing. It’s about who you are and how you show up in the world.

And even though your purpose is core to who you are, it may express itself in different ways throughout your life. That’s because, essentially it is an ongoing journey.

Now, that journey may not be a straight line from point A to point B. More often than not there are twists and detours along the path. And these unexpected “detours,” although frustrating and discouraging at the time, can lead to the greatest insights about your purpose, and about your life.

We often think that life purpose has to be this BIG thing. But to use the analogy of dance, what makes a good dancer might be their high kicks, super fast footwork, high leaps, or their ability to turn like a top. But what makes a good dancer great has less to do with the tricks and everything to do with how they fill the space between the movements. 

Just like the quality of a dancer is determined by how he fills the space between the big movements, the quality of your life is determined by how you fill the space between the big moments of your journey. Remember, it’s always about the journey.

When you think about the times in your life that you felt the greatest joy, it probably wasn’t that once-in-a-lifetime vacation you took; most likely, it was found in a smile, a touch, a kind word… because you often find the most joy and meaning in the ordinary moments of life. 

The same is true of life purpose. How can you bring a greater sense of purpose to your ordinary moments? How do you fill out the  “in between?”  It begins by clarifying YOUR purpose in life.

If you would like support with that, do let me know. I have many programs (both individual and group, both live and virtual) that do just that. To get you started, fill out the form below to access the 5 Essential Questions to help you clarify your purpose in life, and live with Full Wattage!

Meanwhile, enjoy the journey,


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